Return & Refund Policy

1.     Return Policy

1.1    A user may return any product during the time of delivery, if:

a)    Product does not meet user’s expectation.

b)    Found damaged during delivery

c)     Have doubt about the product quality and quantity

d)    Received in an unhealthy/ unexpected condition

e)     Is not satisfied with the packaging

f)      Finds product unusable


2.     Refund Policy

2.1    Cardinal Care LTD tries its best to serve the users. But if under any circumstances, we fail to fulfill our commitment or to provide the service, we will notify you within 24 hours via phone/ text/ email. If the service, that Cardinal Care LTD fails to complete, requires any refund, it be done maximum within 10 working days after our acknowledgement.

2.2    Refund requests will be processed under mentioned situation:

Unable to serve with any product.